Shirt Parties

Custom Shirt Parties

So you might be wondering exactly what a Shirt Party is.  Well the answer is actually simple. A JC.Harper Shirt Party is simply a way to get your friends together for a little GUY TIME! A JC.Harper representative will come out to your location and do all the work while you and your friends or colleagues just sit back and enjoy.

How it works

  • First, you decide to be the host
  • Pick a date and call some friends (typically a Shirt Party is attended by 6-8 men who are interested in custom shirts)
  • Announce FREE food (we’ll take care of that for you to0)
  • Make sure those people you invited come out to your party

From here JC.Harper will do the rest! Once the party begins we will walk everyone at the party through our process, helping them pick fabrics and other important elements of their custom shirt. We will take measurements and provide all necessary details of their shirts.

What you receive for hosting a Shirt Party

  • Special JC.Harper incentives for hosting
  • Enrollment into the JC.Harper Shirt Party Club (along with added benefits)

JC.Harper Shirt Parties make a great get together for special events like weddings or religious functions, office environments and more. Call us today to learn more about how you can book your own Shirt Party.


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